Gettin' Tipsy with: 1pt Infusions

GUYS! I have been dying to dip my toes in the world of infusing booze and trying different flavors and combinations but it can be hard to figure out where to start, what herbs/fruits to use, what will pair well together... etc etc. But I recently discovered 1pt Infusion Kits from Teroforma which take all the stress out of it! They have seven different infusion blends that are all super different so you can try a variety of flavors: citrus, mint, floral, chili, chocolate, smokey, and cinnamon! I knew that using a pre-made kit would be the best way to start exploring infused liquor so I chose the floral pack and waited anxiously for the mail to arrive.

It came! It finally came! It was like Christmas. I got the infusion bottle, gold metal straw, cocktail booklet and floral infusion blend. It was so exciting I immediately set to work with the infusion and brainstorming what types of cocktails I could make with the floral blend.

One nice thing about the infusion packets is that is suggests types of alcohol that the blend pairs well with. For the floral pack it suggested vodka, gin, white rum, dark rum and bourbon. As gin tends to be a more herbaceous, floral liquor anyway that is what i decided to infuse! I chose New Amsterdam gin because it has a pretty clean base flavor - nothing too crazy which I was hoping would allow me to taste the affects of the infusion more.

I opened the packet and instantly I could smell the floral aroma. It actually looked and smelled like a great loose leaf tea! (which made

me think next time I should do infuse a bourbon floral tea... truly the possibility are endless). According to the package the floral blend

had chamomile, lavender, orange zest and licorice root. I could actually see everything that was listed! The lavender and orange smelled

amazing together and the chamomile brought a soothing aroma with a hint of spice from the licorice root. I poured the blend into the

infusion basket and was ready to go!

The infusion bottle is a high-quality heavy glass bottle that the infusion basket sits nicely in at the top. The lid is walnut wood which screws on nice and tight and also adds to the fact that you know you're using a quality product. According to the blend packet I was suppose to wait 4-5 hours while it infused. I really wanted a strong floral flavor so I waited the full 5 hours.

As the infusion went on I could see the gin getting darker in color, by the end of the 5 hours it was a light caramel color and when I uncapped it, I could definitely smell the lavender which got me super excited because I knew it had worked like I wanted.

As the infusion was brewing I had decided what type of cocktail I was going to try first. I made this "Hummingbird Heaven" cocktail which included the floral gin, Hum botanical spirit, fresh juice from an orange, simple syrup, honey, and eggwhite. I tried the gin first on it's own and could taste the hints of orange and lavender the most. The chamomile and licorice root were I'm sure there, as I could taste the other elements clearly, however they weren't jumping out to me quite as much. With my cocktail in mind and my 1pt Infused gin in my hands, I got my cocktail coupes out and got shakin'.

The cocktail was floral and citrusy just as I was hoping! Hum is a botanical spirit made by soaking four incredibly rich botanicals. After distillation and is then bottled unfiltered in order to help retain the full flavors and properties of the botanicals. While it is technically a liqueur, it has a bold 70 proof making it just as potent as a spirit like tequila, rum, vodka, or gin. The botanicals in it are hibiscus, ginger, cardamom, and lime. It also has a dark maroon color which is evident in my above cocktail and helped inspire the 'HUMmingbird Heaven" name. I also knew that it would blend really well not only with gin but with a floral gin.


1.5 oz 1pt Floral Blend infused gin

1 oz Hum botanical spirit

1.5 oz fresh squeezed orange juice

1 Tablespoon simple syrup

1 Tablespoon honey

1/2 Egg white

Dried lavender for glass garnish


Dip side of coupe glass in water and roll through the dried lavender to make it stick to the side of the glass as a garnish. Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds. Strain into glass and cheers to an infusion job well done!

The fresh orange juice brought out the orange flavor in the gin that was infused with the orange peel in the 1pt blend. Adding egg whites to cocktails gives them a smooth flavor profile and went well with the soothing chamomile notes in the gin. the honey and simple syrup helped tame the citrus coming from the gin and just helped bring everything together. Overall I was extremely happy with how the cocktail turned out and a huge part of it (and the inspiration) came about from the floral gin! I'm so excited to keep infusing and try other floral combinations (like I mentioned the tea earlier!) but I'm also excited to try other blend flavors and see what kinds of crazy concoctions I can come up with!!

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I highly suggest giving it a try if your interested in infusing spirits. If you do please let me know what you try and what you make with it, I'd LOVE to hear!!



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