Gettin' Tipsy on: Tybee Island, GA

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an island? It's hard for me to picture an island without the image of a tropical cold drink to sip on while laying in the sand with the ocean waves in the background... that or Pirates who drink absurd amounts of rum (@CaptainJackSparrow). Either way, it's hard to deny that drinking and islands just go hand in hand.

Tybee Island, Georgia was no exception. There were lots of great places on this tiny island to let your salty hair down and chill out... one of them being the beach itself!! Tybee's public beach allows the consumption of alcohol as long as it is not in a glass container. I personally placed mine in an Ozark tumbler and it stayed ice cold all day... literally came back from a full day on the beach in the scorching sun and still had ice in my cup.

The beach topped my list of best watering holes in Tybee but here's a list of others top notch joints:

The Crab Shack

The Crab Shack was truly such a cool and special place. It was slightly touristy but it was hard to deny that it was a highlight. We purposely went on a weekday night so that it wouldn't be as crowded and full of tourists. You pull in to the gravel parking lot and you see a trailer where the owners live... then you see a giant crab and a giant alligator... next is the waterfall pond filled with 78 ALLIGATORS!!!!!!

Not joking.

They were all small and weren't going to grow as large as what you see on the discovery channel, but they still looked like they could do some serious damage. And you could feel them with a fishing pole! It cost $3 and you just purchased the feed from the bartender. That compared with the 7 cats that roam around the property and the exotic bird room filled with cages of large brightly colored tweeties you really felt transported into a new place. The bar and restaurant were all outside with a huge live oak and Spanish moss tree covering the deck. Lights hung everywhere and I felt like I was living the Swiss Family Robinson life in a treehouse. The crab and boiled shrimp were the peak of southern costal excellence and the fact that their drinks came in glasses as big as my torso wasn't a bad thing either. I ordered a rum runner and I could have stayed there sipping on them all night long.

Their website is seriously worth a view because I'm not doing it justice: check it out yourself!!

The Deck Bar and Grill

If y'all haven't read my post about Savannah bars, check it out- I wrote about Collins Quarter in and The Deck Bar and Grill on Tybee is their sister establishment. We came here specifically because we loved Collins Quarter so much so we knew this would be good as well. The Deck was attached to a brand new hotel/condo with a great pool that lead right into the airy restaurant. In fact we lounged by the pool with our drinks while we waited for a table! The inside is very modern with blue tones and sleek tables but the star of this place is their outdoor patio. With overhead stringed lights and a ramp leading right to the sand it's hard not to truly feel like your in paradise. The soft music coming from the live instrumental band is just an added touch. The food and drinks are fresh and interesting and I chowed down on some fish tacos and ordered off their eclectic margarita menu. I got the "Mamacita" which was El Jimador tequila, muddled basil and grapefruit juice. Others on their list included the "Cadillac" (Herradura tequila with a Gran Marnier floater) and the "Cactus Flower" (El Jimador tequila and pomegranate) as well as many more. It was a fantastic last meal on Tybee and a perfect place to stroll up from on the beach!

Flying Fish

This place is just outside of Tybee as you're coming into town from Savannah so it is a bit further out of the way than the rest. However it has a laid back fun atmosphere with brightly colored patio with picnic tables, stringed lights, and good island music playing. There was also a mini-golf course right next door which would be a fun thing to do after a few of their drinks and appetizers! Their crab cake was one of the best I've ever tasted and it paired perfectly with their signature "Flying Fish" drink. I'm a sucker for signature drinks because I'm always wanting to try something new! Anyone else?? Now I'll be honest when the waitress showed up with the drink I was a little off put... it was bright green with a BROWN floater. It looked a little like sewer slime. They definitely should have worked on a possible better combination that's more aesthetically pleasing or AT LEAST served it in a colored opaque glass. I thought maybe it would be better once I stirred the floater in but no... at that point it just because baby poop green. Nonetheless if I closed my eyes, it tasted great! You could tell it would pack a punch if you drank too many but it still had a very fruity island flavor. It also was a very large glass which made it worth your money. The "Flying Fish" consisted of Malibu Rum & Blue Curacao mixed with pineapple and orange juice topped with Myers Rum floater.

What do you guys think??

Tybee was a perfect island get away without having to hop on a plane. Anyone want to head back with me?

Until next time gypsies,


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