Gettin Tipsy in: Savannah, Georgia - Part 2

Savannah had too many amazing places to squeeze them all in one post so welcome to Tipsy in Savannah part two! Glad you made it back. I promise after this one I’ll move on from this city… even though so far it’s taking the cake for favorite US city. Now where did I leave off…

Blowin’ Smoke

Luckily Blowin’ Smoke lived up to expectations because it was quite the trek to get here. My family is big on walking wherever we go if at all possible but we VASTLY miscalculated how far this restaurant was and how long it would take to get there. After walking for what seemed like endless blocks we opened up Google Maps and realized we were only slightly over halfway there. Luckily it said we were still going to make it before it closed and the rain that was looming hadn’t decided to come down yet. We kept on keepin’ on and got there just in the nick-of-time because they were closing shortly and as soon as we walked in the sky opened up mercilessly. The place basically looks like a renovated garage and you could smell the BBQ smoking from blocks away. Their signature thing is interesting BBQ Tacos- I had the beef brisket gyro taco and the pulled pork taco. I wasn’t a huge fan of the brisket one- just combining too much there: BBQ, Mediterranean, and Mexican.. but the pulled pork had a topical coleslaw on it which was great! To accompany these interesting tacos I ordered the hibiscus moscow mule. Now, I've had various flavors of moscow mules before- grapefruit, pineapple, peach… but the hibiscus really intrigued me because I love floral flavors. After tasting it I’m not sure if I would have caught on that it was hibiscus unless someone told me, but even without that pack-a-punch floral flavor the drink was delicious. It tasted fruity and had somewhat of a spice to it, which I’m assuming was a high ginger content ginger-beer. I definitely would recommend Blowin’ Smoke to anyone in the area… just maybe take a cab instead.

Homewood Suites Hilton Hotel

On our last full day in Savannah we drove by a hotel and could see they had something going on on the roof. We could only assume that there had to be somewhere up there to get a drink so once happy-hour rolled around we made our way there and into the swanky brand-new Hilton Homewood Suites Hotel. When we got to the elevator there was a big sign stating that only hotel guests could go on the roof and that a key would be needed for access. Being the fantastic woman she is, my mother convinced the hotel front desk staff to give us a key so we could go up. For any of you that experience this here or at other hotels- the main reason they limit it to guests only is because there is likely a capacity limit. They don’t want to let outsiders up there and fill it to capacity causing guests to get mad. After a little persistence with the staff they agreed to let us go up there because it wasn’t THAT busy, but that if they reached capacity and hotel guests wanted to come up we would have to leave. Boy was I glad mom was able to sweet talk them because it was a verrrrrrrry cool rooftop. There was a large pool that lit up and changed colors, cabanas with color changing fan lights, flat screen mounted TVs, a new bar with friendly bartenders and wait staff, cell phone charging stations, a giant trellis over the entire rooftop and the cherry on top was live acoustic music which was a nice touch but not overpowering so conversation was still nice and easy. I ordered their signature island oasis drink which was a combination of various tropical rums and juices which made for a extremely happy happy-hour. Be a total gypsy and weasel your way up here!! (or just actually book a room at the hotel haha).

The Old Pink House

The rest of my time in Georgia was spent on Tybee Island, about 20 minutes from Savannah. But we came back in to Savannah mid week for drinks and dinner at The Old Pink House, one of the cities highest booked resturants due to the history and upscale menu. The house is 246 years old and the various rooms in the house have been transformed into dining areas. The downstairs basement which was originally the laundry and the kitchen area now serves as the tavern where patrons drink by candle light. There are a few dining tables in addition to the bar and two small lounge areas that consist of a stone fireplace, large leather arm chairs and couches and trunk coffee tables. There are old artifacts all of the house that are fascinating to look at and the waitstaff is very attentive and knowledgable. The piano in the corner of the tavern is supposedly the most haunted area of the house and many people will see white orbs show up in any pictures taken around the piano. I took my picture there but no white orbs for me… however it was quite chilly down there… a sign of spirits? Or just signs of an old stone basement? Starting at 7pm, the cutest sweetest old lady (seriously looks to be 100 years old) dressed in an outfit that looks like it belongs in Great Gatsby, comes to play and sing. She was a delight and you couldn't help but smile watching her.

In keeping with the “old” theme, I ordered an old fashioned… to which I was told the house bourbon was Woodford Reserve and “would that be okay for me”… uh yes, that will be just fine… that’s when you know you’re in a classy place people. The drink was strong and warming and the bourbon had a subtle smoke flavor to it. It was the perfect drink for such a chilly dark tavern.

Upstairs we were lead to our table in the grand ballroom which was full of bright crystal chandeliers and beautiful murals of Savannah and the south. Dinner consisted of Lobster tail and grilled shrimp that basically melted in your mouth. This is a Savannah must if you’re looking for classic southern class.

Done with Savannah for now, though I know this has only scratched the surface of what this enchanting city has to offer. I will absolutely be back.

Until next time gypsies,


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