Gettin Tipsy in: Savannah, Georgia - Part 1

In addition to Savannah being a great city to wander and explore in, they’ve also got a great variety of places to grab a drink. I made my way around the Savannah bars and restaurants but I know I only scratched the surface. Also something VERY IMPORTANT to note about Savannah is that the Historic District of Downtown allows for possession and consumption of one (at a time) 16 oz alcoholic beverage as long as it in is a plastic container. So no wine or beer bottles and you can’t be double fistin’ but if it’s in a plastic cup and under 16 oz you can have beer, wine, mixies- whatever!! (Another reason to love this city) So make it yourself or take it to go from a restaurant or bar, you’re golden either way.

Here are some of my favorites Savannah watering holes:

Wet Willies

This was the first drink stop I made in Savannah. After checking in to our hotel we were walking by the river and I kept seeing people walking around with what looked like frozen drinks; I was both excited and confused because I didn't know about the open container law at this point. Towards the end of the shops on the street we saw Wet Willies and I ran inside. Similar to Snow & Co in my previous post, they had a ton of daiquiri machines and a large drink menu to look over. I will say that the flavors weren't as original as Snow & Co (check out that post if you havne't already!) ; they had grape, green apple, peach... and a few other elementary flavors. However, they did still have traditional blended drinks like pina colada, strawberry daiquiri, rum runner, margarita, sex on the beach, bahama mama and they did have some signature mixes like Naked Willie, Call A Cab, and Attitude Adjustment which were all rum based tropical flavors.  They also allowed (and encouraged) you to mix flavors and if you do, the bartenders like to stir it up into a picture worthy cocktail. After sampling a few flavors I ended up getting a rum runner mixed with "monkey shine" which was a banana rum drink. It tasted great!! Not too sweet, too weak, or too strong... the perfect combination for a *very* hot Georgia afternoon... and being able to walk downtown with it in and out of stores just made it that much better. Wet Willies also has many locations- check and see if there is one near you!!

Vic’s on the River

Vic's is where we ate dinner the first night. It was a gorgeous river front building with intimate balconies, delicious seafood, live piano mood music and a beautiful marble bar. I ordered their signature cocktail which was called "Sherman's Ghost". General William Tecumseh Sherman served under General Grant in the civil war and fought in many southern battles as an important part of invading/taking the south. In fact, he has a famous march, "Sherman's March to Sea" in which he took command of Savannah  in December of 1864 and dispatched a letter to President Lincoln offering him the city as a Christmas present. In homage to Sherman, Vic's on the River titled their signature drink after him. The Sherman's Ghost cocktail was made of Ghost Coast Orange Vodka, fresh lime juice, honey simple syrup, mint leaves, blood orange ginger shrubs, Ambrosia, and honey sorbet with blood orange Italian soda. It sounds like it should lean towards being way to sweet with the soda, honey simple syrup, and sorbet... however it was really refreshing. Strangely it has a great lightness to it and while the dominate flavor was certainly orange, it was balanced nicely by the mint, honey, and ginger for a very fresh taste. 

Collins Quarter

Day two in Savannah we had been walking around for hours to all of the different squares and parks and just wandering up and down side streets looking at the beautiful old houses. By 2pm we had worked up quite an appetite and found Collins Quarter not far away. The menu looked great and they could seat us right away so we were set. Now, I can not stress enough how AMAZING the food was here. I ordered an open faced sandwich that had artisan grain bread, mascarpone/cream cheese/goat cheese spread, chives, avocado, pastrami style Norwegian salmon (they were out of the Salmon so I subbed in bacon) crispy fried capers, tomato, red onion and fresh dill and lemon zest… oh my good god. I was salivating just reading the menu and it tasted even better than it sounded. In true fashion, I ordered the Drunken Berry Mimosa with it which was champagne and mixed-berry vodka compote. I’m not exactly sure I would call it a mimosa because there was really no juice at all, so I would simply call it a champagne cocktail, but either way it was very good. The champagne was on the sweeter side which I like more than dry champagne and the berries added a nice subtle extra flavor. Other drinks on their menu included two other types of mimosas, a bloody mary with all the fixins’, moscow mule and a good assortment of craft beers. If you’re looking for the perfect boozy Savannah brunch (or in our case late lunch) Collins Quarter is the place to be. 

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