Gettin' Tipsy at: Sole - Augusta, Georgia

Hey Gypsies! Have you read about my nightly escapades in Augusta Georgia? There's definitely more to this town than just the golf Masters and a night out with my local cousin proved it. If you haven't already, check out my post on the first bar we went to - Metro pub! Another Augusta bar we stopped at that night after was across the street called Sole. It was a completely different type of bar than Metro with way more millennial upbeat feel rather than the laid back mixed generation crowd. We did have to wait about 15 minutes to get inside due to the fact they were at capacity but there was no cover charge and once we got inside it didn’t seem over crowded. We ordered drinks but from what I could tell they weren’t showcasing any special drink menu. It was busy and there were no indicators of anything interesting so I just stuck with a margarita on the rocks. It was decent but nothing special… tequila and sweet and sour. So, I’ve had much better but for a well drink, it was pretty good. I later went on their website to see if they really didn’t offer a more specialized cocktail list and but it looks like they did, including martinis, crafted mules and margaritas and other cocktails. I assume they make most of those during the day when they also function as a sushi restaurant and the bartenders have more time (they were hustlin' at night pretty hard). Often it seems that “college bars” are more about the atmosphere and less about what you’re drinking. Depending on what type of night your looking for sometimes you have to pick one or the other. As a late night bar this place was functioning as a fun place to hang out, not a place to get crafted cocktails. With one scan of the room you could see most people were drinking well mixers or beer. They did have giant fishbowls of something blue though! But I for one tend to stay away from blue drinks as they’re usually too sweet for me.

Despite the fast and easy drinks, Sole had a really fun vibrant atmosphere. It was split into three sections, the front area with the bar, a middle section, and then a spacious outdoor patio. The big draw to Sole is the middle section inside the building. It is a big dark room with half of it being a dance floor next to the DJ and the other half has tables set up for beer pong. Now, the cool element here is that the room is blacklight lit and the cups they used for beer pong were transparent neon cups. They shown so bright and made for a really fun game and interesting environment… I mean who doesn’t like glow in the dark neon?

The outdoor patio was spacious with tables, chairs, and lounge areas. There were stringed lights going across the top, tiki torches surrounding the perimeter, and corn hole boards and a pool table on one end. On the bar website it also looks like occasionally project movies and TV events onto the wall too. It was a fun place and we ended up staying there until bar time. It was hard to talk inside because of the loud music and crowd so it was nice to have an area of the bar where you could easily talk with the group in between dancing and games of beer pong.

We ended up staying at Sole until bar time and then quickly grabbed some food before heading home and to bed. Unfortunately because our time in Augusta was limited to one night, I didn't get to see a ton of the city but the bar scene was fun and would be enjoyable for someone who lived there or someone just passing through. Check it out if you can!

Until next time gypsies,


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