Gettin' Tipsy at: Snow & Co. - Kansas City, Missouri

There's no better place to bring out your inner child than at Snow & Co. I stumbled across this gem when in Kansas City for a work trip. After visiting the ever popular Power and Light District a bartender told my boyfriend and I to check out the Westport area of Kansas City. She told us it was where the locals youngins' frequented, whereas Power and Light district was more inhabited by visitors of the city.


I always try to take every opportunity I can to interact with the locals of an area because that's how you really get to know the feel of the place.

So we hopped in an Uber and made our way to Westport. It was a super hip area with lots of bars to choose from. On our way to another bar we passed by Snow & Co and instantly decided a pit stop must be made. Snow and Co is famous for their frozen slushy cocktails.

I was like a kid in a candy shop.

The atmosphere was modern and bright with big, comfy, purple chairs and funky painted walls. They also had board games you could use free of charge- always a crowd pleaser. Along the bar were the frozen drink machines filled with the cocktails and their bright colors and fun names demanded attention the moment you step in the room.

The place was quickly earning my love and affection but then I looked at the menu. These weren't slushies with amateur flavors like "lime, grape, cherry, watermelon"... no, these were truly cocktails. I mean they even had an old fashioned slushy! All of their frozen cocktails are made from real juice, quality liquor and handmade syrup flavors. Some of the more interesting concoctions to grace the menu are:

Purple Rain: Chambord, Blueberry infused Midnight Moon moonshine, and milk

Cloud 9: St. Germain & Thatcher's Elderflower, Stirrings Peach liqueur, and milk

The Rockefeller: Old Overhold Rye Whiskey, Cinzano Sweet Vermouth, Angostura bitters and rye whiskey infused cherries

Glinda: Stellina De Notte Prosecco, X-rated passion fruit, Stirrings Peach liqueurs and Angostura bitters

Sunshine Boulevard: Boulevard Wheat (a Kansas City brewed staple beer) with Tito's vodka, fresh OJ and lemon juice

Now the biggest dilemma I found myself facing was what flavor to try. Luckily Snow & Co had a solution for me... Arctic Flights. They offer flights of 3, 5, and all flavors in addition to their single (6.5 oz) and double (13 oz) options. I opted for the 3 flavor flight with Glinda, Rockefeller, and the Sunshine Boulevard.

The bartender was super cool and spent a decent amount of time talking to us about the bar and their cocktails. He said his favorite thing to do is mix flavors. He gave us multiple shot sized samples of his favorite combinations and they were all delicious but I think my favorite flavor duo was the Glinda mixed with Limey Bastard, a frozen cocktail with Hendricks Gin, Thatcher's Organic Cucumber liqueur, fresh lemon, lime and milk.

Their cocktail list expands beyond what I've listed- they even have a frozen drink centered around maple bourbon bacon! But if you're not into the frozen scene you can still hangout here and order beer, wine, traditional cocktails or order from their equally as expansive list of custom hot cocktails. Make it a package deal and order off of their full food menu.

I was in love with this bar and am so glad we made our way to Westport that night. If you're ever in the Kansas City area I HIGHLY recommend checking this place out and trying your hand at a flight! See their location, hours, and find out more at

Until next time gypsies,


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